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Private Label Specialty Products
Multi-Fruit Enzyme Peel
For Professional Use ONLY

An advanced enzyme, the Multi-Fruit Enzyme Peel, softens sebum and dissolves keratin buildup. The Mutli-Fruit Enzyme Peel offers the esthetician an extremely effective treatment that immediately eliminates dead cells, digests surface debris, reduces accumulated sebum deep in the pores as well as superficial pigmentation spots, and prepares the skin for extractions.

Lactic Peel 25%
For Professional Use ONLY

This revitalizing exfoliation procedure is excellent for sensitive skin, aging skin, and those suffering from hyperpigmentation. Lactic acid, well known for its hydrating benefits, will give your client the smoothing they need, without the dryness, dehydration, or sensitivity that can occur with other peel procedures.


Vitamin A Retexturizing Peel
For Professional Use ONLY

A potent peel lotion combining pure retinol and lactic acid that, when applied at the end of a facial, will help tone, exfoliate, condition and improve the complexion. An excellent treatment for photo damaged, scarred or aging skin.

Radiance TCA Peel 15%
For Professional Use ONLY

Radiance TCA Peel is a resurfacing treatment that provides the spa or medical office a light TCA peel designed to progressively, tighten, lift, smooth and exfoliate the skin. This treatment is extremely versatile and beneficial for a variety of skin types and skin concerns. It is particularly excellent for aging, menopausal and sluggish skin.

Glycolic Peel 40%
For Professional Use ONLY

Glycolic Peel causes a rapid exfoliation of epidermal cells, thereby loosening impactions, clarifying the complexion, and reducing scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.


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