Begin with a template to help get you started!


Label templates will help get your label started. The purpose of these templates are to aid in the different options we have to achieve the look you are after. You can print on many different material to get many different looks. If you want to achieve a rose gold you can print on metallic silver with a layer of Rose Color to get that perfect and unique look. We have the capability of printing Opaque White and by doing so can create a "Spot Color" look. For more information please reach out and a Global Beauty Specialist can explain the many options at your disposal. 


Premium Labels

Premium Metallic Media

Using Premium Metallic media allows you to achieve many different high end looks. Print on metallic and see how your brand can deliver that Lux look you've been looking for. 

Full Color CMYK+W

Print color to achieve a metallic look with almost any color. Design with this in mind and your labels will pop off the shelf.

Knock Out

Omit from printing on any part of the label and let the silver shine through. You can do this to any part of your design without extra cost to you.

Opaque White

Print opaque white. Not many printers can achieve this without the white yellowing over time. Our whites are dense and opaque allowing you more creativity with you artwork.