High Potency CBD Oil


This high potency, nutrient-rich CBD Oil contains 90mg full spectrum organic CBD. May be used as a full overnight concentrate directly on the entire face to soothe and calm sensitive, dry or compromised skin. Also ideal as a booster additive blended into other products. May also be used on the body.


Skin Condition

May be used for all skin types. Particularly helpful to calm the skin. Ideal for post treatments (peels, microdermabrasion, laser), rosacea, or sensitized skin. 


This product is sold in the Platinum Brushed collection. Product available in 0.5 fl oz.

High Potency CBD Oil

    • Calms and soothes the skin—excellent post peel, post laser or on inflamed acneic skin
    • Developed by a Certified Medical Cannabis Expert with over 30 years’ experience
    • High potency formulation helps support skin health and healing
    • Made in the USA with organic grown hemp